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9v Battery
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08 May 2016
15 May 2016
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Item Name Price
Walk on entry (Urban field) $FREE
All day Hpa fills $5.00
Airball walkon fee (Hpa included) $10.00
Rental package (98 custom) $25.00
High end rental (electro) $50.00
Bring your own paintballs $10.00
Hpa tank rental w\all day air $10.00
Co2 fill 24oz $2.50
Co2 fill 20oz $2.00
Co2 fill 12oz $1.50
Water $0.50
Gatorade $1.00
Snacks $varies

Pumps and gats

Victor won't fall

Goose River Paintball

Open play sundays April 26th -Nov 1st for the 2015 season

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@Grp_Paintball Feb 08, 08:16

Spring is coming, are you ready?

@Grp_Paintball Oct 27, 03:55

Last day of the 2015 season is coming

@Grp_Paintball Jun 04, 23:58

Event postponed , we are having some scheduling issues

@Grp_Paintball Apr 27, 02:42

Get signed up

@Grp_Paintball Apr 27, 02:41

Opening day went well

@Grp_Paintball Mar 29, 09:29

Our new rental area is almost done

@Grp_Paintball Mar 23, 20:25

Hot or cold, field maintenance is getting done

@Grp_Paintball Feb 01, 17:25

#GRP broke last season's paint usage by 256 cases

@Grp_Paintball Jan 26, 08:31

Grp has gift cards available for the new season #grpgiftcards

@Grp_Paintball Aug 14, 04:31

Nightgame #2 coming up this Saturday, don't miss the action, sign up on the Facebook group page

@Grp_Paintball May 05, 01:39

@AdamValken it will be very soon,expecting rain this sunday, hopefully not during the day,LOL

@Grp_Paintball May 04, 21:03

@AdamValken paint is awesome, as always, graffiti outsold everything else this weekend

@Grp_Paintball May 04, 19:52

@AdamValken me too,slow process

@Grp_Paintball May 04, 16:02

@AdamValken LOL

@Grp_Paintball Mar 30, 04:15

Finally got informational packets done for a post prom party

@Grp_Paintball Mar 24, 11:49

Time to do some massive field reconstruction today

@Grp_Paintball Mar 16, 13:14

Getting close to some custom marker work, yeah

@Grp_Paintball Mar 09, 13:12

Waking up, whoo hoo tired

@Grp_Paintball Feb 06, 18:46

whoo hooo, twitter